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if it was easy everyone would be doing itI am Saad Bhamla, a fourth year Ph.D. student in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Stanford University.

I use this website to share my personal thoughts and professional progress with the world.

I work in the Fuller Research Group where I study the in vitro dynamics of the human tear film. Broadly, I am interested in the field of interfacial physics & complex fluids. More details about my research can be found in the research section.

In addition to academics, I love running, biking and swimming. The personal section of the website has links to some of the activities I engage in. I am an avid blogger as well, and I write to share my thoughts and stories with everyone. If you feel stimulated by what you’ve read on my blog, then this site has achieved its purpose.

You can contact me using the form here or email me at              Email address - saad bhamla

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Latest News

04-June-2013: Upcoming trip to Ohio State University, 16th – 18th June, 2013.





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