Incredible micro-hairs on a bee wing (foldscope)

micro hair on a honey bee wing

I observed incredible micro-hairs on a honey bee’s wings. Why do they form such a strange curving pattern on the edge? Is it to shed vortices? Puzzling, but fascinating..


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What’s the go of it? – James Clerk Maxwell

James Clerk Maxwell - man who changed everythingRecently read this book on a flight. It’s a very quick read. What struck me especially was how he built an ‘imaginary’ mechanical model to explain electromagnetic results, that ultimately …

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Compound lens of a grasshopper

Grasshoppers in a box


I made another video during my trip to the Patek lab at Duke. The lab-members there had caught these grasshopper behind in their backyard. During our conversations (~1 h), …

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Imaging live mosquito larvae with a foldscope

Africa - kids playing on sibling grave - malaria impact

In one of my second posts on the microcosmos website, I explored mosquito larvae. Malaria is the most deadly disease affecting millions of people around the world. You can see …

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Postdoc.. and other updates

Graduated. PhD.

It’s been a while since I updated this website. It is my intention to revive this blog and website and resume my outreach activities.

So some updates:

  1. I’ve completed my PhD.
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