Paramecium and Didinium – Foldscoping ciliates

Paramecium _ Foldscope


I started my first ciliate culture today. Here’s a first peek at the culture- you should notice tiny bacteria swimming around and some hay.

I quickly spotted my first …

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Wired magazine – article on Fluid video


So Wired magazine has a post on the DFD videos.. The reason I posted is that it explains what the Milton van Dyke award means, and the connection to the …

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Exploring falling leaves in fall with a foldscope

2015-11-30 14.46.15

It’s finally fall in California. And the leaves are falling. I couldn’t help but ask myself some questions about why and what causes the leaves to fall. In addition, they …

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Milton van Dyke Award at APS-DFD 2015

Just got an email that my video submission won the Milton van Dyke award at the American Physical Society’s 68th Annual Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting in Boston.

Unfortunately I …

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Copepod egg sac and meta-learning post with foldscope

This is a meta learning post of how the foldscope contributes to my learning and growth, which I felt was worth sharing.

From the same Hopkins trip where I found …

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