Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam


I recently had the opportunity to read a couple of books on Omar Khayyam. His name always seemed familiar, and I’m glad I somehow stumbled on these two books – …

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Co-inventor. ( A small step forward )



One small step forward in my PhD – successfully filed a provisional patent application as co-inventor with my advisor, for a device that resulted from my research. (we have …

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Lab vs. office



In our research group, we have a lab and an office.
Everyone usually sits in the office. Unless, you’re doing experiments, in which case you’re in the lab.

I’ve …

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On collaboration

3171 authors on a paper

This is the first time I successfully setup a collaboration with another scientist at a different university.

The short version is this – I had been reading a couple of …

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A complete story.


I consider myself an experimentalist. It’s interesting I think that because both my published papers are on numerical simulations. But I think like an experimentalist and I aspire to be …

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