About the solar exam.. I’ve seen better. I’ve seen worse.

Todays comments:

1.”Success will buy you a new house. Fulfillment will leave you inspired when you come home at night.” (Simon Sinek) This guy is awesome. You should see his talk here.

2. Finally did some cool experiments in the lab. Saw some nice ‘fingering’ phenomenon on the polymers in our flow cell.  I love experiments. Its an awesome thing to do something with your hands. Sitting in front of a comp all day and run codes doesn’t excite me as much. I’m doing my lab rotation with Eric Shaqfeh btw.

3. Its good to take the initiative to talk to people. So far i haven’t met anyone who didn’t have anything interesting to tell me. IMHO, I’ve found talking to people is better than watching a movie/sitcom. For one, you realize that you’re not the only one struggling. And its a give-and-take situation. Unlike watching something like a zombie!

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