Thanksgiving with the first-year ChemE’s..




1. Bought two of my favorite kiddos Stanford sweatshirts. The small one tries calling me Shaad uncle, but only manages Shaankle. Why this as a gift? Well, if someone had told me about stanford when i was their age, i wouldn’t have taken so long to get here. And wouldn’t have made so many mistakes too. I look at it as planting two seeds.. 

2. Couple of us had lunch with Prof Curt Frank. I had two questions for him, how did he manage his time between research and administrative responsibilities (he is Associate Dean) and is it okay for me to hope that my Ph.D. results in some output which impacts society directly either as a new product, technology etc compared to pure exploratory science which helps society in the long run by pushing the frontiers of science. For the former, he replied that he is a scientist first and administrator second, and for the latter, he commented that its not unusual at all. In fact, compared to 20 years earlier when he did his Ph.D., students now are very clear that they want their Ph.D. to result in some direct application/impact. This makes me very happy..

3. Had my first thanksgiving dinner (turkey et al). I made Kheer. Others brought in foods varying from Carrot cake (C), shrimps (yum!) (A), sushi (W), cake (L), Turkey (A&L), lasagna (R) to mention a few.. Everything was delicious. This is the first time the entire first-year ChemE group was together. I’m glad i have such awesome company. You guys rock… Thats what I’m thankful for this year.


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