Never had 24 hours library access in India..

This is for Sunday..

1. Spent 13 hours in the library with R. Entered at 11:30 am and exited at 12:30 am. Cracked the thermodynamics assignment which involved using the Monte Carlo technique to simulate the 2D Ising model . Gerry Fuller had passed by to borrow a book. He said that it looked like we stayed there. Me & R are foodies. We get sandwiches, tea, dark chocolate and tangerines.

2. One of the best things i liked, when i arrived at Stanford is that within the first week, we had 24 hours access at the ChemE Department Library – Swain. At IIT Madras, we had so many restrictions. Here, i can borrow infinite books for infinite time. Below is where me, R and L usually sit. N sometimes joins us.


3.  This is an interesting post by Seth.

Don’t tell me you are a great chef but can’t deal with cranky customers. That’s the hard part.

Don’t tell me you have a good heart but don’t want to raise money. That’s the hard part.

Identifying which part of your project is hard is, paradoxically, not so easy, because we work to hide the hard parts. They frighten us.

I extrapolate this to..

Don’t tell me you want to go to your dream university but are not willing to sit and work your ass off. Thats the hard part.

Don’t  me you want to run a marathon but are not willing to wake up at 5 am and train for it. Thats the hard part.

Don’t tell me you want to change the world but are not willing to change yourself. Thats the hard part.


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