Texas, Austin. Meeting cousins after a decade.

1. Flew by JetBlue. Flight delayed by 2 hours. I always feel so nice when traveling. I feel like a busy guy going from one place to another. Working on the laptop at the airport. Hope that after I’m done with my Ph.D., my work involves traveling from one place to another. I want to explore different places. Not as a tourist. But while on the job. Being a tourist is bland. Unless of course its with friends. or friend.

2. Got my my mamu and entire family Stanford sweatshirts. I was afraid they might not appreciate it much. But i was wrong. Stanford brand is powerful. Plus gifts, well.. they make people happy.

3. Making habits is a darn difficult thing. So you need to make it easy. Break it down into baby steps. Like blogging. Since the day i decided i’ll just do ‘Three beautiful Things’, I’ve been putting up posts consistently. Plus my hero, Dean Karnazes, says the same thing. Don’t believe me? Watch him here.

Also another reason is that i made it easier. I use MarsEdit. Its so simple to use. And faster than firing up a browser and clicking my way through. If you don’t use blogging tools, its never too late to begin.

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