Thanksgiving break.. Full week off


Comments for Monday..

1. Spent the entire day in the lab. Had to finish off experiments. Picture of me above with the flow cell. Had interesting discussions with A on islam, religion, sunnis and shias, atheism and universities in the US. A similar discussion with him led to a me going crazy on Saturday night. Went to SF. Met interesting characters ranging from a med-school student, two graffiti artists from germany (one of whom thought it was normal to smoke weed in front of everyone) and one history major who had presented a paper on something related to islam and its spreading in south africa.

2.  Read this interesting article from Chris.

Time is a jealous lover. If you mistreat it, you can start over, but you never get it back. It’s kind of like forgiveness without forgetting—it’s over, it’s OK, but it’s going to be different now.

When you find yourself with time to spare, don’t kill it. Respect it

I agree with what he says. Personally, I believe that time and energy are the most important things. Both are limited and too precious to be wasted. Whats the point of having time and no energy left to do anything (usually happens to me at the end of the day) and having energy, but no time (last couple of mins of an examination is a good example).

3. Off to Texas tomorrow. Going to mamu’s place in Austin. Hopefully will meet up with some friends at UTA. Quick tip if you are planning on booking shuttle from Stanford to SFO – i recommend the south & east bay. Its the cheapest. Alternatively, you could use the Supershuttle (save $6 with the Stanford discount code)



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