To be good or great ?


1. Found the above quote here. Caveat: sometimes its okay to give up. Giving up need not be an excuse always. Who said giving up is easy. Sometimes it is the most challenging thing to do.

2. Have to write a 800 word report on ‘Polymer Fullerene bulk heterojunction (BHJ) solar cells’ for my solar cell course. Argh! Why did i take this course.

3. What advice do you give to a person, in his last year of undergrad in some shady engineering college in India. He doesn’t want to pursue an MS in any engineering anymore. Not interested in medical, law, mba, teaching or anything. Is not enthusiastic about doing a job. A perfect example of a confused being.

I think thats one of the greatest challenges of life. Figuring out what one is passionate about. Finding out, what one is great at. Not good, but great at. On the other hand, being in a confused state is the scariest thing ever. Knowing where to go and knowing what you want from life is a something i’m thankful for. Not everyone is that fortunate.

P.S. It hurts when this confused person is a very good friend.

P.S.S. This video sort of articulates the difference between good and great reasonably well.


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