Ah. Analogy ++

Seth writes..

I was driving on a very dangerous two-lane highway in India. More than eight hours of death-defying horror…

Our driver aggressively tailgated whatever car, truck or horse was in front of us, and then passed as soon as he was able (and sometimes when he wasn’t).

What amazed me, though, was what he did during those rare times when therewasn’t a car in front of us, just open road.

He didn’t speed up. In fact, it seemed as though he slowed down.

He was comfortable with the competitive nature of passing (I may not be fast, but I’m faster than you), and he was petrified of the open road and the act of choosing his own speed.

Of course, we do the same thing with our career or our businesses. Most of us need competition to tell us how fast to go.

I love this. I can totally relate to this.

Say, today i was swimming. I usually find a lane next to a girl swimming and i try and match up with her. If she’s fast, then i try to keep up. If she’s slow, then i try to do double of what she does. Either way, the competition makes my workout fun.

What do i do if there’s no one around? I just use a stop-watch.

Thats why i love running with other people. So next time you want to do the Stanford Dish Trail, you know who to call. I’ll join you. Come rain or shine!

P.S. Why only a girl? Well.. they motivate me more. 🙂

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