.. when you are the hammer, strike.

Avery Aquatic Center, Stanford University

1. I’ve gotten quite fond of swimming. In fact, i think, I’ve run only once this quarter. Logistics-wise swimming is much simpler too. I carry my gear with me to class and directly go to the pool in the evening. Plus i can shower and head back to the library in an hour’s time, after a good workout. Given the choice of running in this chilly weather (~10 deg C) or swimming in a nice out-door heated pool, I’d gladly choose the latter.

2. Learning something totally new is quite challenging. I sit through the microbiology lectures and sometimes i don’t even know if its a course in english. For all it matters, they could be talking in german. Sigh. 

3. This is an interesting poem. Inspired me.

                                                For all your days prepare,
                                               And meet them ever alike:
                                              When you are the anvil, bear –
                                              When you are the hammer, strike.
                                                                               ~Edwin Markham

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