Life is on an incline; you either go up or you come down

1. Had a discussion with the post-doc I’m working with. He wants me to read some n papers and codify some impressive algorithm and contribute to his research problem. As much as that excited me, i decided to be honest and upfront. I told him that with zero background in bio, i doubted if i could do anything spectacular. All i want at the end of three months is to gain some understanding about this field. No dazzling results. No mind-blowing algorithms. Its a lab rotation after all. Not a Ph.D.

2. I figured out why i stay awake in my bio class. The class strength is 16 people. 13 girls and 3 guys (including the profs). Thirteen undergrad med school girls. Hell yeah, I’m staying awake. My eyes are wide open.

3. I was discussing with N and i commented that if we sorta zoom out, everything is binary. There’s good and evil. Its either day or night. There’s honesty or lies. Think about it. You’re either alive and kicking ass or stone-dead. This thought was inspired after i saw Kiran Bedi’s TED talk. She put it very nicely – “Life is on an incline; you either go up or you come down.Personally, i live by this every day. Every single day.

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