Be yourself.. Everyone else is taken.*

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1. This thing keeps coming around**. Why is this important for me? Well, i believe that right now, what habits i form, will stay with me for life. So, i want to be as honest as possible. As earnest as possible. Overcome as many of my fears. Stick my neck out there. This has served me well so far. I’m extremely satisfied with who i am right now. I have imbibed good qualities and am continuously trying to improve. In fact, if you have some feedback for me, bring it on. I’ll treat you to lunch, just as a thank you for doing that. I regularly ask myself this, what if i were to die tonight, will i still do the things I’m doing right now, or change the way i live. What would you do?

2. Today M took me for a tour of the Stanford Stem Cell Research Center. They showed their genome sequencing equipment and their clusters where they run the analysis. They gave me an account with a dedicated node. How cool is that !

3. Back to G’s Lab and T took me on a tour of the lab and showed me how to use their Rheometer. We actually did a test on the polymer which a collaborator from Belgium had sent. We then prepared a few samples for testing on Monday.

Btw, I’m leaving for Lake Tahoe with the gang tomorrow. There’s like 15 of us. Looking forward to a long weekend of skiing and snowboarding. Back on Monday.

*Inspired from this post.

** This is a pretty inspiring TED talk by Neil Pasricha. The best part i like, is that he seems like an average joe. Your typical underdog. And then, one day, everything changes. He gets this idea about a blog – and life is never the same again. That’s what I’m waiting for. And striving for. My one idea. That will change my life. That should be awesome na ?

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