Lake Tahoe – Snowshoeing

L->R: A, C, L, N, AJ and me. The ChemE’s snowshoeing at Lake Tahoe.

1. The Lake Tahoe trip was very nice. Had fun. Learnt skiing. Wanted to learn snowboarding but didn’t get a chance. We also went snowshoeing. Reminded me a lot about my trek to the Himalayas. I find that nature has a profound effect on me. Likewise when near the ocean. Know what i mean? A sense of calmness and peace fills me..

2. It was a nice experience because this was the first time i actually lived with a group of foreigners. Everything was different. From the food (which is the most important to me) to the games people played for entertainment. I sure as hell learnt a lot about the American culture*.

3. As soon as i returned back to campus, I hit the library and started work. In fact, on my way back in the car, i was reading my assignment and trying to solve it roughly. This has never happened before. I think I’m getting better at the transition from fun to work. I can’t wait for the day when i can switch between work and play in a snap! I can just imagine myself going for hikes/long rides on every weekend.

*content not suitable for public posting.

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