Juggling time..

L->R: Me, CF and A. After reaching the first peak during our snowshoeing hike.*

1. Today has been a long day. I’ve been up since 7:30 and have had three classes, one long discussion about my project over lunch, one meeting with my guide, ran some experiments with T in the lab and came to the library and finished two assignments. Not to mention the pushups and sit-ups in the morning and this post. I wish everyday of my life was as busy and productive as this. Sometimes all i wish is quiet and peace to plan. But once the planning is done, I want to work till I drop.

2. I don’t have an iphone. I have a nokia which is quite useless besides calls and sms’s. So, I’ve started carrying around a small black book in my pocket. Its filled with lists. Things to do. Ideas. Observations. All kinds of notes. I’ve noticed the busier I am, the more ideas i have. My head is constantly buzzing.

3. The Q lab seems to be so much more exciting than the G lab. Whenever i go, i feel a sense of urgency. They always are talking about deadlines, about ideas and how to make things faster and cheaper. Today SQ drops by and starts discussing some new article published recently. I sorta love this lab now. They seem more active about research. Better than watching some polymers flow. No urgency in that.

*Will keep posting pics to make the posts more interesting.

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