Look ma, no hands!


1. Couple of days back, I went to an entrepreneurship talk and met K there. He generously lent me his longboard for a couple of days. I think I’ve discovered a new love. I can’t begin to explain how amazing it is to skateboard across the campus. For me, it is a dream come true. One would think, whats the big deal. Its just a toy right? True. But for me, its more than that. It re-defines freedom. It reminds me of the time I would be sitting in a some corner of India and watch movies and see this dude skateboarding across streets and deep in my heart, I would be longing to be that dude. I am that dude now. Do you know how awesome that feels? To be that dude who rolls across a sprawling campus without a care in the world. I do. And if you don’t, you better try. Its the easiest way to feel alive.

2. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll run out of new things to try. Rubiks cube, skateboarding, skiing, triathlons.. Reminds me of this boy who told his dad, Pappa, if I start studying so soon for the exam, I’ll have so much time left over before the exam. What will I do then?

3. Yesterday night, I went with the Night Outreach group to Palo Alto. We walked for about an hour talking to homeless people and listening to their story. It was an interesting experience and very eye-opening. I’ll share one incident, which stands out. We were at the bus-stop and this guy and his wife were waiting for their bus. We started chatting to them and learnt that they had lost their jobs and were struggling. Both their daughters were taken away by the state and put in foster homes. The guy didn’t even have a jacket to wear and believe me, it was quite chilly. So, we’re chatting and I offer the guy my skateboard to try. He jumps up and rolls around the bus-stop like a pro. He’s grinning like a kid and everyone is staring at him. He comes back to where we were and before he evens gets off the board, his wife starts nagging him. Why do you have to show-off. What if you break your ankle. I’m not taking you to the ER… I couldn’t help smiling. He looked at me and rolled his eyes. Irrespective of your economic strata, somethings never change – boys are always boys and wives always nag.

P.S. This is what research does to you. I have my flask next to the board just to have a reference-scale. Sigh.

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