Second quarter at Stanford ends..

Saad bhamla last slide prequal presentation stanford
Last slide of my prequal presentation.

1. Its done. Another quarter at stanford wrapped up and shipped off into memory. If I thought the first one was hectic, fun and memorable, the second one just whupped first quarters butt.

2. I also passed my Preliminary Qualifiers Examination (prequal). One more step closer to Dr. Saad. Btw, thats my last slide of the presentation. Yep, I managed to squeeze in Ali even here. When I said thanks and showed this slide, ESGS chuckled and GF smiled. Even I smiled a bit. Whew! That eased off some of the tension in the room.

The prequals was on thursday, and so effectively, I spent my entire spring break working in the library. One good thing was that I read a bunch of research papers and now have a fair idea of what a constitutes a good paper. The bad thing was that I didn’t get much to relax as Spring quarter begins on Monday. I had technically just one day of spring break – Friday – which I put to good use. I headed off to Berkeley and had a wonderful time there, thanks to B, K and L. They even took me out to watch an intense tennis match between Cals Pedro Zerbini and USC’s Steve Johnson. Man, that was the best one-day spring break ever.

3. I’m continuing the tradition of summarizing my quarter reports.
Moral of the story for this quarter (I forgot to add baking cupcakes to that list) –

Yay! Second quarter at Stanford ends..
Highlights- completed UC Irvine Triathlon, passed pre-qualifier exam, blogged, lost my bike, took up skateboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, three classes for splash, finished lab-rotation, read three books, william krause dinner, decided my Phd advisor and touched four more lives. Going to Berkeley to enjoy my one day of spring break.

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