Are I a sheep?

1. I panicked today. More like freaked out. I rarely do. I usually am on top of my game. But I made a bunch of wrong* decisions in the  last week. Movie, hike, lots of running and swimming, hookah bars, dinners and long hours of chit-chatting. The awesome part is I enjoyed it all immensely. I rarely do. But all this timepass led to a nice hefty backlog on my tasks for the week. My weekend cameth. And with a wink, it wenteth. Leaving me wondering, what I had becometh.

2. I feel better already knowing that I’ll slowly get back to my rhythm and things will fall into place. But I find it amusing that I fall into this trap over and over again. Shouldn’t being at a great institution like this make me able to balance these things automatically? Makes me wonder if I’m the only one who’s so guilty about wasting time. I know for sure I am a workaholic. The scary part is that I’m proud of it. Damn. When did I become this person?

3. Its not that surprising. Most of my role models are hard workers. So, I guess this is good then eh? I wonder if I can figure out a way to not land up in this situation again. Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could have a voice installed in my head which would tell me at the end of every day how much I worked, whether I was on target or if I had any backlog, how much I needed to cover up the next day etc.. But then life would be so boring. I would then dream of uninstalling that voice. Fair enough, I guess.

So what if it turns out I am only a sheep. Well.. So be it. But one thing I know, I’ll be the blackest fucking sheep there ever was.

*if I had to go back in time, I wouldn’t change any of them. Least of all, they resulted in a new blog post.

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