Updates for the week

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1. Didn’t run at all this week. Not a single mile. Sacrilege! Blasphemy! Signed up for 10k race on Sunday and slept in. Shame on me.

2. Watched a play and a musical all by myself. I’ve wanted to go out and explore on my own, and I’m doing it. It’s not as scary I thought it’d be. I found the musical mesmerizing and I’m going to go see more in the future. Better than watching a movie I thought.

3. Bought a new iPhone. Addicted to it. I don’t bring my laptop home any more. This is more than sufficient. Learnt about podcasts and iTunes university channel. I’m hooked. Bad mistake not to have bought iPhone earlier.

4. Had first piano class with AC. Figured out that if I have to become good at it over the next couple of years, I have to practice regularly. So, I play the piano in the lobby before come up to my apartment. Let’s see how long I can sustain this.

5. I feel terribly unhealthy and unfit. Can’t even enjoy my food. Realized how much running is part of my life.

6. Reading last book for the year – Guns, germs and steel. Super excited. I realized that history, human psychology, music and art excite me.

7. Was walking to lab in the morning. Felt very depressed and miserable. Wished I had someone to lean on. Passes Hoover tower. Wondered to myself, why I hadn’t been to the top. Parked my bike and took the lift up. Breathtaking view of the campus lifted my spirits. Came back down and spent some time in the Hoover room. I’m glad I have me to lean on. Went to lab and felt super grateful at being at Stanford.

8. Was at some thing some place with dogs and beer. I think I love dogs. I have to get one for myself. I just need to figure what I’d do with it when I’m in lab. That and how I’m going to afford it. Remember how expensive those two cars were. Okay, no dogs. Ah, need to make friends with people who have dogs.

9. Oh, love math too. Have been tutoring N and M on Bessel functions and Fourier series. If I don’t get a job as a scientist after my Ph.D, I can always tutor kids. I’d love that.

10. Spoke to SA, who gave me a guilt trip. She claims I should take more advantage of Stanford. I agree. Wish I could multitask. But I can only do one thing at a time.

Looking forward to another adventure filled week.

2 Responses to “Updates for the week”

  1. milinda November 15, 2011 at 1:05 am #

    Unsolicited advice : Don’t beat yourself up over not running for a week. For all you know it might have given your muscles the much needed rest and recovery time.

    • Saad Bhamla November 15, 2011 at 2:29 pm #

      True. The last month had been exhausting with two half marathons.
      Guess, don’t know how to balance things sometimes..

      Do you want to run today?