My new goals for 2012. Bring it !

saad bhamla goals 2012 bring it


Last year I achieved all of my goals I set for myself. And more (I ran a full marathon which wasn’t even on the list)
This has never happened to me before in my life, so I’m like awesome. I’m going to milk this cow for all it’s worth.

So, I thought to myself, whoa, what if I set more crazy goals this year, wouldn’t it be awesome if I could achieve all of them?

So I did. (and printed them out on an A3 size poster and put them on my wall )

What’s the worst that could happen?

I won’t get to all of them. Theek hain na..

The way I think of it, hey if I don’t, who will boss ?

P.S. The reason I was blogging like crazy for the last couple of days is because 9 posts/month is about 100 blog posts for this year. Just in case you were wondering..

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  • Nick

    What about ripped like Tony Horton?

    • Saad Bhamla

      I’m on it.. :)
      Or ripped like Nick. That works too..

      • Nick

        That wouldn’t be so hard I think

        • Saad Bhamla

          Oh c’mon. Don’t be so modest Mr. Awesome :)

  • kbpm

    (I ran a full marathon which wasn’t even on the list) I am happy to contribute more craziness to the list in 2012. Watch this space. :)

    • Saad Bhamla

      Bring it onn man. All up for the crazy. 
      Plyo pushups?

      • Ludwig

        Dear lord. My resolution for 2012 is rapidly turning into “Unsubscribe from over-achiever blogs!” 😛 But still, the curious gaze does not turn away…

        • Trisanku

          dessicating droplets! are all of pee’s friends crazier than her? How can that even be possible?

          • Saad Bhamla

            Lol. I take being more crazier as a complement :)

          • vijeescijo

            Of course :-).

          • Saad Bhamla

            I’m like enjoying in the glory of all these new people on the blog who are commenting :)
            This is the dream ah!

  • peter pan

    hey saad.i follow ur blog.and just love it when u share ur goals !:)

    • Saad Bhamla

      Thank you:) I would love to hear/read about your goals too :) 

      Inspire me :)))

  • MJ

    You showed me a different list, scribbled on a piece of paper which had some inspiring things. Why have they been left out? :)

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