For kids that attended “Achieve your Goals – Lessons from the Hunger Games” class at Splash 2012 at Stanford

Achieve Your Goals: Lessons from The Hunger Games saad bhamla splash 2012 stanford

Hey Kid.

Congratulations! If you have ventured on to this website after attending the Hunger Games – Achieve your Goals class at Splash 2012 (Stanford), then you are well on your way to achieving your goals.

I hope you had fun discussing your goals with other people in the class. I believe, sometimes sharing your goals with others can be so much more fun than doing it all by yourself. For example, this blog is my way of sharing with the entire world my goals and my journey towards achieving them.

Now, as I promised in class, I will be creating a page on this blog for your goals. This will be your way of sharing your stories with the world and making sure you stay steadfast in your resolve to meet your goals. So, send me an email with details about your goals (using the guidelines we discussed in class today) and I will put it up on the website.

We (Genya & Me) hope that you had as much fun today as we did interacting with you. Despite you kids being 10+ years younger to us, some of you had goals that even we aspire to or have had similar goals in the past, so thanks for inspiring us.

Again, thanks for sharing your goals with us.

You guys rock. And may the odds be forever in your favor!

Genya & Saad

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