Who conceived the “complex viscosity”

viscous circle _ saad bhamla

Was glancing through the current issue of Rheologica Acta (a peer-reviewed journal for rheology) and this title caught my eye – Who conceived the “complex viscosity”

An interesting read. The authors trace the idea back to Andrew Gemant, a German physicist, who first published the idea, in a German language article titled “Kom Viskosität” in 1935.

Nothing ground-breaking, but I find it interesting when someone takes the time and effort to acknowledge someone’s contribution.


* Also noted that the second article was by Dr V.S., who is hopefully going to guest blog in this space in a couple of weeks. (I tried reading his article but couldn’t get more than one page into it)

** The image above – It’s a puzzle I sometimes put on my last slide. It’s a viscous circle. Get it?

*** Came across a very cool website – Faculty of 1000 – which filters and peer-reviews articles post-publication. That means that a bunch of “faculty” read the articles and explain which are the really important ones. This is super useful in keeping updated on research, since there are a gazillion papers being published every month. The only problem is that it’s for biomedical research. Now, if someone made a website like that for all engineering fields – that’s something I’d gladly pay for.


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