The sensation of a new idea.


For the last couple of weeks I didn’t have any ideas. Oh, how I missed them. Before that, I had been bubbling with them. And then a small incident happened which spoilt my mood so much that I wasn’t myself anymore.

I seem to have recognized this about myself. I go through a set number of phases. I’m happy. And then I’m sad. Up and down. And just like I know the next couple of days are going to be happy and exciting (on an avg of course), I know when the next couple of days are going to be sad and depressing. See the photo above – Same day. Within a span of hours, I knew that my mourning period was over and that it was time to shave. And move on.

The idea sensation is quite interesting. Since it’s been quite a while since I had a good idea, I am relishing this feeling of delight and giddiness as much as I can. It’s been about t=10 mins since I had the idea.

  1. t < 0 : I had a deadline for tonight. I’m in office at 11 pm on a Friday night. I’ve been procrastinating and reading tangential stuff for the past 2 hours. It seems to me that I’ve had good ideas in the past when I was procrastinating before a deadline.
  2. t = 0 min : Bam! I read something interesting. I investigated further. Read a bit more. Think for a bit. Realize that that’s it. That’s what I’m going to do. I have an idea.
  3. t = 3 min : Filled with apprehension. Trying to cover all possible angles now to see if this’ll work. Feeling a mild numbness in my leg and realizing that my feet are suddenly cold.
  4. t = 6 min: Pessimistic. Wave of negativity. Realize that there are some possible glitches that will need some imaginative workarounds and strategy. Heart rate higher. Soreness in neck. Overwhelmed. Whew. Take deep breath. Straighten back. Deep breath again.
  5. t = 8 min: Realize that no one has tried this yet. So, I have the advantage of a first. Cool. And it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Optimistic. Sinks in that I finally have an original idea after a brief hiatus. And it’s such a crazy idea. Pah. Who needs normal ideas.
  6. t = 10 min: Invincible shield activated. Full sensory alert. Too excited to keep it in my head. Got to share. Got to spread it. Try calling my peeps to invoke bragging rights. No answer. Blog post it is!


Ah, how good it feels. It’s almost as if my brain is in overdrive and all my neurons are firing at full speed. There is not enough bandwidth to process where I am or comprehend how cold my feet really are. It’s slowly dying now. I feel a wave of exhaustive creep up my back and into my eyes. Oh well, it lasted a whole 15 mins.

23 h 45 mins of indifference.
15 mins of life.

Hell yeah !


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