A day before the 100 mile bike race. Levis GranFondo 2012


So, my race of this year is day after tomorrow. Since I was away for a month in August, I couldn’t train and was planning to just ditch it. Riding 100 miles and that too on a hilly terrain seemed super tough.

And then PC jumped in. He somehow managed to sign-up for the race (somebody must have sold his ticket to him) and it was on.

For the last month, we’ve trained hard. Well, as hard as we can in one month.

dailymile granfondo bhamla training

As you can see from my daily mile log, we did 7 bike rides, of which the longest one was 51 miles.

Will we be able to complete the 100 mile race this saturday?
I don’t know.

Are we ready ?
Hell yeah!

Bringg itt!!


Btw, this 100 mile ride was a goal I set at the beginning of the year. (Goal no. 9)

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