Of final papers, sleeping in hostels and writing.

5 am at the Obispo Hostel

Dang. It’s 5 am and I’m wide awake.

For years I’ve dreamed about this. To travel. Stay in hostels. And wake up super early.

For me traveling doesn’t mean that I don’t do any work. I’ve given hope on that and accepted the fact that I’m a workaholic.

So, my only desire is to wake up super early and get some work done.

Sleeping in a dorm was interesting. The beds kept creaking all night. I was sharing the room with two other girls (one from Germany and the other from Canada) and so it was interesting to keep track of their snoring patterns – one made a deep guttural snore while the other had a fast-paced whooshy snore. I learnt that it’s it not the smartest thing to choose the upper bunk – you’re too close to the light (both the bulb as well as the fire alarm LED) which kept throwing a shadow in my face.

I met a couple of other interesting characters – realized that running and traveling give you something to talk about.

Which reminds me – I’ve been reading my proposal again and am super proud of it.

As I look through my older papers, I notice how lame I was. My thought process was unclear. I used a lot of jargon. Most of the physics and chemistry was left unexplained or just superficially alluded to.

But I’m getting better. With each paper, I feel more confident of my writing. I find the latest one more simple and written to the point.

Genya has a new comic which alludes to this as well. She does a way better job (and creative) at describing it than me. Check it out!


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2 Responses to “Of final papers, sleeping in hostels and writing.”

  1. Akshay November 21, 2012 at 9:28 am #

    Saad, I ve been following your blog keenly and find it to be a source of fun 🙂 It gives me great happiness that you document every little thing in a manner that everyone that reads it can take something away from it. I bet when you are done with grad school going through all your posts would give you a measure of how far you have come and that in itself will struggle to balance humility and pride 🙂 .. keep writing and keep sharing and it is true the posts just keep getting better.

    • Saad Bhamla November 23, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

      @ff85f22c320b128394ff6990d94858de:disqus: Thanks. Btw, you’re comment also inspired the last post. Hope things are well – Just heard about the Infosys prizes.