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I’ve been quite productive this week/weekend. I’ve spring cleaned the website and added a new page called – The Indian Runner.

I’ve decided to file all my running goals under the name of The Indian Runner. The idea for the name came from a conversation with a fellow hosteler, who remarked, ‘Oh, so you’re an Indian runner’, when I told him about my running goals.

Why not, I thought to myself.

I’m quite certain I’m going to run for the rest of my life. Run in every state. Run in every country.

Might as well give this mission a formal name now.


Also, I realized how cool it was that I checked in from various places on Facebook all this while – that made generating the maps quite easy. Also, it would’ve have been a pain to go find all those videos from all the runs in various countries – thankfully, I had them all on Facebook.


Which makes me realize, once you decide to document so much of your life online, the amount of digital information/pictures/videos is endless. In case you’re thinking about living two lives – an online and an offline one – make sure to periodically file away all pictures etc.

Once you reach critical mass, it’s just too much to go back and sort through all the mess.

This is so amusing in a way – when I used to go to my nana’s house in India – they had a drawer full of picture full of letters/certificates/picture albums for my parents. That’s it. One drawer. We would go through it over chai and biscuits in one afternoon.

Not anymore. My kids will curse me for all the digital info I leave behind.

When I think about it, if I can’t navigate my way through gazillions of photo albums, emails, Facebook videos, check-ins and make a story – how do I expect somebody else to do it.

So, if I’m seriously thinking about writing a story of my life later, then it’s important to start documenting it right now.

Think about it..

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