Goal updates 2012 – 100 mile bike race

100 mile bike ride - Saad Bhamla

Documenting my life online has taught me some things about myself. One of these is that I am not very punctual with writing a report once I achieve a goal. Nevertheless, the experience is not lost.

For example, this was a wonderful race. I had never imagined I would be able to ride for a 100 miles in under 8 hours. For me this was a great achievement.

So, even though the race report is lost, the gist of the experience is captured in this post.

Sometimes when I’m reading my own book reviews and race reports, I realize that unlike following the standard format of writing a specific review, I like to write more of my learnings from that event/book.

Thus, it becomes difficult to come back and summarize an event. IMO, it’s easy to write about what happened or what was written. But to write one’s lessons is a task of a higher order.

Sometimes because it’s not trivial to sieve through learnings from a specific event. And sometimes because writings one’s opinions about a particular event can easily lead to more backlash.

As I write more, I’m more wary of publishing things and sharing my opinions on various subjects. Sometimes it’s because I am aware of other people’s achievements or opinions on those things. And to naïvely write about them online would be taken as a challenge or a sign of bragging.

The other and the more common reason is that I just haven’t developed the art of writing yet. I still read some of my older posts and am not very happy with my style.

There is scope for improvement. Tremendous scope.

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