Dual Nature. Power of Two.



I’ve realized something about myself. I thrive when I do an activity with someone else.

Looking back over the years, some of my best times running were with Pee and RB. I trained for my 100m bike race with PC. When I initially started swimming, DK was my swim-buddy.

And now for working out, if I hadn’t teamed up with MD, I would have stopped long ago.

It’s not as if I can’t workout alone.

I can. And I’ve done it at various points.

But I’m far more productive and consistent when I have a partner. In some sense, my activation energy is linked with having another energetic person around. There is something synergistic about it and I believe both of us thrive off each other’s energy.

Even in lab. If I’m alone at night, my productivity goes down a lot of times. But if somebody is around and working (!), then in most cases I find myself inspired to work too.

Back when I was studying for IIT, I used to tell Abba, that if I had someone else to study with (preferably smarter and more hardworking), then it would make my job easier. He used to say, that beta, you should be a bright shining sun, and not a mirror, which just reflects off other people.

I like his metaphor. And my ego would prefer I be a big faraway lonely burning sun.

But reality shows otherwise.

At least I’m happy about this years goal of working more. I don’t know of another person who works harder than Genya. Well, another perk of hanging around her.


I loved this quote from the recent Ramanujan’s biography I read.

“To illustrate to what extent Hardy and Littlewood in the course of the years came to be considered as the leaders of recent English mathematical research, I may report what an excellent colleague once jokingly said: ‘Nowadays, there are only three really great English mathematicians: Hardy, Littlewood, and Hardy–Littlewood.'”

Img: Running couple medal rack.

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