Experienceometer. Measuring the greatest experiment of all.

experiencometer - life experience

There are many ways these writings and blog posts are helpful to me. But I wonder if there is a way to quantify this? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could plot my experiences (extracted from my blog posts) as a function of time?

This question came about by asking myself the following question.

I ask myself, why do I write?

Now, I’ve noticed that when one does a certain activity regularly, one keeps coming across queries as to the futility of that activity. It appears to me as if there exists a self-feedback mechanism which ensures that one doesn’t do an activity without a purpose. This on some level makes sense.

So, one possible hopeful answer to this question is to capture my experiences. Why not use Instagram? Well, I believe that writings allow a glimpse into the learning and development of a person. The same may not be true from Facebook photos.

If someone already doesn’t build this, fifty years from now, I’ll invent a device called an Experienceometer. (I wonder if this word is trademarked? If yes, sorry for using it without your consent. If no, I’m calling dibs on it.)

What I hope this will enable is to take people’s writings (in all formats) and give a score of their life experiences.

This device may not work if you’re say, a big blue whale, in which case, the device may show a zero. Sorry – no words, no score.

A simple view such as this would very quickly run into problems. What algorithm would one use to generate such as device/code? Would Isaac Asimov  set the bar very high on this device, just because he’s a prolific writer? What about people who don’t write regularly or at all?

My dad would fall into that category. What about their experiences?

That’s why I said fifty years. I’ll put this on the back burner for now. Despite the many and obvious complications with building such a device, there is no doubt in my mind that if built, it’ll be a revolutionary device.

Just like we need a compass to navigate on a journey, this will serve as a life-compass. Just like a credit score helps banks decide who to give a loan, I imagine this will help people know if they can trust someone. Or if they should hire someone.

In the future, families in India will ask for an experience meter score along with the horoscope to decide if they want their son/daughter to marry someone.

Why not, I ask? Why not?

In an age where we are trying to quantify everything, from the miles we run, to the calories we burn, the hours we sleep, to the books we read. Why not quantify the most encompassing of all – life itself.

Isn’t your life the greatest experiment you’ll every conduct?


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