Trick: Making lecture pen casts

Pencast Livescribe

I’m TAing this quarter for the graduate fluid dynamics course which my advisor (Gerry) is teaching.

Yesterday was our first class, and Gerry used this impressive gadget to record the lectures.

It’s basically a regular pen, but with a chip on it to record your writing. In addition, it records the audio as well. Hence, a pencast.

The beauty of it is that once you have the recorded lecture, you can view it online and click on the text and it’ll play the audio from that point. See the video below for what I mean.


For about a 100$, you can record your lectures. I think it’s quite brilliant.

The only drawback I notice is that you can only view the pencasts on the livescribe website – and you can’t download them to your machine.

But besides that, it serves the purpose.

For me the best part is that now I don’t need to stare at a professor’s back during a lecture. And since the audio is recorded, even if I zone out, I can go back and click on it to see how he/she explained a particular concept.

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