Trick: Feedback as a Teaching Assistant (TA)

feedback as a teaching assistant

I mentioned earlier that I’m TAing the grad level Fluid Dynamics course. This is my second time TAing, not the same course though. Last time I was the TA for the undergrad Fluids course.

This time I’m trying a new trick, which I’ve found useful. A day before the recitation class, I send out a survey to gauge what they want me to go over. For a class of 40, I receive about 5-6 responses. And then I send out a survey post-class.

This sounds trivial, but I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier. Since the class is big, this has so far been a good way of planning what material to cover. Plus, I notice that now Gerry asks me about the feedback I receive via these surveys, so he can clarify their doubts in the next lecture.

It occurs to me that sometimes in a class, one has to have mechanisms to get feedback from the students. There may be other tricks, but on the TA level, weekly feedback surveys is a good one.


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