Reading Committee and some updates for 2013 so far.


slide1_saad.001I’ve been using a Mac for over four years now. But I’ve still been clinging on to Powerpoint. I have my PhD reading committee meeting in three weeks and I have to prepare a presentation for it and I thought it’d be a great idea to make it using Keynote. I just finished creating an outline and placeholders slide in Keynote, and so far I’m impressed.

But more importantly, I can’t believe I already have a reading committee and I’m giving them a presentation so soon. I feel like I just started my PhD last year.

Sometimes I forget how a PhD is supposed to feel like a long drawn boring process. Mine feels as if it’s just happening too fast.

Oh, how the time flies..

Noting updates for 2013 so far:

1. Bought a car with Genya. Pic below.

2. TAed advanced fluid dynamics.

3. Went skiing a couple of times.

4. Hosted a nobel-caliber professor from Caltech.

What’s coming up:

1. Reading committee meeting.

2. ARVO – conference in May in Seattle

3. Road-trip in May to Seattle with Genya in our new car (hopefully).

4. I’m going to be the TA for a windsurfing course next quarter. Yay!




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