Over the 25 hill.. on a reflective note


Even though time may have passed linearly, my memory of it is non-linear. For the first sixteen years or so of my life, I have one or two memories. Apparent growth seemed to be almost zero. And then development started its upward incline. An exponential burst. An explosion of activities – college, relationships, adventures, failure. Till I reached 25, which was in February of last year.

Growth now seems a little slower. And sluggish. Life as is in my head is no longer at full volume. There are some silent  moments. The line is thicker now. And richer in experience. If it was possible, there is a certain depth in the growth. Or in other words, the speed is slow, but the torque is high. So is the confidence and self-belief.

To put it simply, I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin.

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