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This is the first time I successfully setup a collaboration with another scientist at a different university.

The short version is this – I had been reading a couple of papers by this scientist and his lab has developed a unique apparatus. Couple of weeks back, I was at a conference and he happened up come by my poster and we had a brief discussion.

After a couple of rounds of debates with my boss, I told him that for me to be able to have a successful thesis, we needed to have this professors help in building our own apparatus and surely our research efforts could be combined for mutual benefit.
It took a couple of weeks but things seem to be working out well.

I wonder, really, how critical is this apparatus for my PhD? I don’t know. But I do know, that without trying, I’ll never find out.

Worst case, it’s just a couple of months of my life.

Best case, we discover something interesting. Something very interesting indeed!

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