C.Elegans timelapse in dark-field with Foldscope


With Tom’s help, I was able to do my first timelapse experiment on the foldscope, that too in dark-field.

Please look at Tom’s post for instructions to setup the dark-field modality here.

For any Foldscope user (or microscope user for that matter), I think the first Aha! moment is when you see your first image in a microscope. The second is when the object in view is alive, and you actually see normal motion (video-stage). And the last is when you do a time-lapse and are able to visualize extremely slow movements sped-up (time-lapse).

So, if you are a seasoned foldscope user, I encourage you to try the incredible beauty of a time-lapse experiment : )


Here’s a bonus video of the worm in dark-field. I still have a lot more work to do in improving the dark-field video quality.



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