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Michael Phelps – Pool Shark

1. One of the fond memories I have of middle school in Dubai was of reading books. I had just discovered Enid Blyton and was mesmerized by her books. And then I discovered Fredrick Forsyth, Sidney Sheldon and Jeffrey Archer. They served as my escape from reality. I remember I used to just get on […]

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Is it possible to do underwater math?

1. So, here I am, swimming today and i decide I’m going to pace myself. I think to myself, I don’t have a watch and i can’t see the clock far-away without glasses, so, let me just count the lanes and the no. of breaths i take on my right side (i alternate every 3 […]

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Lost in translation..

1. While booking my Emirates flight from SFO to Mumbai via Dubai, i, deliberately or due to oversight, got into a situation where i had to be at the Dubai airport for 18 hours in transit. I didn’t waste my time though. I managed to get rid of some of the jet-lag. I finished reading […]

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