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Writing as a way of thinking

A cool seminar series that I’m taking this quarter is called Future Faculty Seminar (CTL 231). Yesterday, one of the panelists members mentioned something which got my attention. She was talking about writing and how different people think about writing¬†– some write to communicate and some write to think. I wondered to myself, which category […]

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Dinner with Stanford University Administrators at the Lake House

One of the reasons I decided to serve on the Graduate Student Council (GSC) was so I could influence some decisions regarding the graduate students and hopefully raise issues which would hopefully benefit everyone. I can say that today was a successful day towards meeting that objective. Earlier this year, when I was contemplating serving […]

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The sensation of a new idea.

For the last couple of weeks I didn’t have any ideas. Oh, how I missed them. Before that, I had been bubbling with them. And then a small incident happened which spoilt my mood so much that I wasn’t myself anymore. I seem to have recognized this about myself. I go through a set number […]

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