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The Indian Runner

I’ve been quite productive this week/weekend. I’ve spring cleaned the website and added a new page called – The Indian Runner. I’ve decided to file all my running goals under the name of The Indian Runner. The idea for the name came from a conversation with a fellow hosteler, who remarked, ‘Oh, so you’re an […]

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Thanksgiving break – impromptu roadtrip

It’s 9:30 pm now. I’m sitting in a hostel in San Luis Obispo. 6 hours earlier, I was sitting on my desk in lab, back at Stanford – wondering what to do. For the last couple of weeks, I knew I had to do something for Thanksgiving break. We get a week off. And I […]

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The Relay (2012) – A brief report

This is my second time running The Relay¬†(199 miles, 36 cities). I ran it last year (race report) with the Stanford Running Club. This year too, I ran with the club. Only we sent three teams this year, instead of just one last year. And we got spectacular results. Out of the 200 teams that […]

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