The Indian Runner

saad bhamla run

I was describing my running goals to a stranger in a hostel (roadtrip, Nov 2012) and he remarked, ‘Oh, so you’re an Indian Runner.’ I don’t know what he meant by that, but I liked it. As Indians, we are associated with everything – cricket, religion, spicy food – everything but running. So, I decided to adopt this nickname and help break this stereotype.

*Disclaimer: I humbly acknowledge that there are far more seasoned and serious indian runners out there. I’ve had the privilege of running with a few of them, so I know. Running is still relatively new in India – but there are already quite popular races like the Mumbai Marathon etc. A full list of races can be found here.

This page reflects my running goals and race reports. I have two main goals with running.

  1. Run in every state of the US before I graduate with my PhD from Stanford.
  2. Run in every country of the world before I turn 40. That’s 196 countries.


US States I’ve run in:

US states I've run in - saad bhamla - indian runner

  1. California (2012)
  2. Nevada (2012)
  3. Arizona (2012)
  4. New Mexico (2012)
  5. Texas (2012)
  6. Missouri (2012)
  7. Illinois (2012)
  8. Indiana (2012)
  9. Oklahoma (2012)
  10. Virginia (2012)
  11. Massachusetts (2011)
  12. New York (2011)


Countries I’ve run in:

Countries I've run in - Saad Bhamla indian runner

  1. USA (2012)
  2. Portugal (2012)
  3. Germany (2012)
  4. France (2012)
  5. Italy (2012)
  6. India (2012)
  7. China (2012)
  8. New Zealand (2012)